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Andrew and Trish Riedel started their online marketing company in 2009. Trish was working as a business consultant and realized most businesses just wanted more customers but didn’t really know how to get them. Like a lot of smaller businesses they were great at their own skill but didn’t have the time and/or knowledge to bring in new clients. Andrew already had tried and tested methods to get to the top of Google. So I moved from consulting and joined forces to create our digital marketing business.

Initially our business was strictly “Search Engine Optimisation” but as new customers came to us it became apparent that there are websites that are rankable and then there are websites that could never rank and never convert. They had been built on poor platforms that didn’t adhere to WC3 guidelines, their structure was “all wrong” (the technical term), the page layouts were poor and often confusing.

So that we could get a faster and better result in the search engines we started building relatively simple websites on the WordPress platform. That was back in 2011. By testing our results many times we have created a behind the scenes structure that allows us to create beautiful websites and far more complex sites that rank well. We will continue to test our results because the search engines are continually changing.

We have also spent a lot of time testing conversion strategies. Some businesses have a very simple sales funnel, others have many steps. It is important that you get this right and we can assist with this process. Having been a business consultant comes in handy some times.

Online marketing is a catch 22. You need a great website that converts well but if it isn’t structured correctly and people can’t find it then it is like a wet paper bag – completely useless. And if you are ranking at the top of Google and your website is a disaster then it won’t convert.

We bring both sides of the online marketing equation together.



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